One Stop Security Solution for Website Owners

One Stop Security Solution for Website Owners

Web site security, web site security for many website website owners Web site security, web site website website administrator is not a part of your website to make your website safe, and most of the website web sites owner neglect this part. Your website may have a transactional base, and even if it is a normal site, bile can be vulnerable to the dangers of the web world. Special attention should be paid to the activities of the websites, not to the activities of the websites. There are several ways to secure a web security, and one of the widely accepted environments involves website security auditing.


Website Security Audit examines the order of the servers of websites and identifies vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities that may cause serious damage to hackers on their website. The overall security center of our entire website, including security auditing, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), and SQL injection, helps you get the most out of your website. Our website will not affect the control of our website. They can navigate our website and realize their leadership.

This proposal is not required to guide and plan third-party security audits annually. This is only a periodic check with the previous periodic check to find possible solutions from time to time. This will definitely reveal any time that needs to be upgraded in the security of your website. Website Security Audit is a simple and fast susceptibility assessor that can accurately assess the vulnerability of your website, accurately assess the risk level of the range, and where the problem can be best solved.

Web Site Security Audit

Website Security Audit consists of six simple steps. The vulnerability assessment test starts with Port Scan. All ports on your website, including FTP, SQL, and the web, are searched for all available services and are always open. A Vulnerability Scan is then performed to identify the services available in the open port. These products and functions are mapped to the vulnerability protocol to find existing ones, and an effective test is performed to address existing weaknesses.

This is followed by a scan at the beginning of the web page. Detailed reports of all risks determined by their severity are delivered to their owners. Each of these reports can provide web security and require guidance for improvement. Appropriate and safe actions can be managed and repaired by your staff. Finally, website owners receive a security certificate that makes the 100% secure tag line look more realistic.

This is a general solution for the security of your website where you need a secure, secure and secure network.