How to Increase E-Commerce Website Speed

How to Increase E-Commerce Website Speed

How to Increase E-Commerce Website Speed If your e-commerce site is running slowly, there are some tools on the internet to help you detect it. Among these, Google PageSpeed ​​Insights and GTMetrix are the tools that provide the healthiest results. It will give you a performance rating for your site when you use any of them. You can correct your mistakes by reviewing this report. Common mistakes made by e-commerce site owners with poor performance;

In general, unnecessary redirects are the leading mistakes. Many e-commerce infrastructures perform continuous migrations to the www version or non-www version within the site. Careful development can get rid of this error.

One of the other common mistakes is the big visuals. Many e-commerce editors upload product images or banner images to the site. Non-optimized images will result in unnecessary increase in size and result in late opening of your page.

Many e-commerce companies in our country have much more inadequate infrastructure when they appear. Even the browser caching method is still not used by most e-commerce companies in our country. You can save some files on your e-commerce site to the customer’s browser by logging in to the site and prevent them from downloading them unnecessarily when they log in again. So you can achieve both savings and performance.

On E-Commerce sites, category pages run a little slower than normal pages. This is due to the use of too many queries and too many images in the category pages. If such a problem is encountered, you will distribute the load that will occur instantly when a loading scheme is created as it goes down. This will contribute to your performance.

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